Our products

The Steelbagno products are well suited for both new buildings and renovations of existing buildings.

Bespoke Bathrooms

At Steelbagno Srl we devise high-level technical solutions tailored to the specific requests of our clients. Our extremely light-weighted prefabricated bathroom pods are perfectly suitable for any type of environment.


The Flat-Pack is a self-supporting bathroom pod with a structure of sectional steel insulating polyurethane or rock wool sandwich panels that can be equipped with any type of tiles and finishes.A prefabricated Flat-Pack bathroom is an ideal solution for renovations, as it is delivered in palletized kits.

Partition walls

The Steelbagno partition walls are suitable for diverse applications as they allow for an easy maintenance and are extremely resistant to wear and deterioration caused by moisture. For their anti-scratch and anti-graffiti characteristics, they are particularly suitable for changing rooms of swimming pools, gyms and health spas used by a number of people daily.

Technical Unit

Our prefabricated technical units can be applied on both concrete or plasterboard walls. For this reason and for their easy handling and practicality, they are generally requested for renovations of existing buildings.

Our Projects

Our bathrooms are widely used in residential projects, hotels, hospitals, military facilities and university accommodation, and they are all bespoke to fit each specific tender requirements.
Some of the projects carried out over the years by Steelbagno Srl are reported below: